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Rehana’s Dreams is a not for profit organization envisioned by some First-Year students of National Law University, Jodhpur. The main aim of the institution is to help the vulnerable socio-economic backward children, primarily the ones living in orphanages, in dismal condition.

COVID-19 has led to a shortage of funds in orphanages to support themselves. There are doubts on how long they will be able to sustain themselves without outside funding, which is currently unavailable at this point of time. Therefore, Rehana’s Dreams aims to extend a helping hand to these children, and bring smiles on their faces.

Latest project

Rehana’s Dreams is pleased to announce the First edition of its Online National Literary Competition, 2020 in collaboration with THINK INDIA. This is a multi-event literary competition which will test your skills and prowess as well as provide an opportunity to explore the latent literary expression inside you.

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